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Stylish necklaces, earrings, tie tacks, and cuff links are true conversation starters with universal appeal. 
Each piece has been designed with the latest 3-D printing technology: Sterling Silver designs with or without black pave diamond details. Special orders considered. 15% profit of all Cartrageous sales are donated to a local soup kitchen.

Lg dangle cartragous earrings.jpg
CAR-3860 cartragous jewelry37130_FINAL_L
CARTRAGEOUS SM necklace w 1.5 mm diamond
CAR-3860 cartragous jewelry37059_FINAL_L
CAR-3860 cartragous jewelry37107_FINAL_L
2018-12-19 15.35.27 HDR.jpg
2018-12-01 14.04.17.jpg
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