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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat For Humanity invited artists to create a piece of artwork from their store inventory.  These pieces were displayed at the Philadelphia Convention Center during the Home Show. 


In 2014 the challenge presented was to create an artwork from a door. After some research, I decided I had never seen a rocking chair made from a door - so I made one! Its quite functional and comfortable. I was delighted when the chair was purchased later by an artist and art collector.






















In 2015, the challenge was more broad and open. Artists were asked to create something with a garden or plant theme. Realizing many people in Philly are not blessed to have gardens, I decided to create an indoor garden for a book lover. After deconstructing the odd in table with a lamp, I drilled a hole in the bottom of a salad bowl, and rewired the lamp to fashion a water pump in the salad bowl.  Strengthening my garden/reading theme I used drill bits to modify books and made them into planters. The salad bowl was covered with paper maché using pages from the books. The odd collection of objects resulted in a relaxing sound/water feature for small space.  This piece was also sold at the Home Show during the exhibition at the Convention Center where the pieces were exhibited.

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